UHCA is legally registered non-profit organization with national and regional activities that brings together journalists and other communication professionals from non-government organizations, government and academia.

Our focus areas

key thematic areas are:-

Strengthening communication

We develop tools, train and provide technical support i.e
Development of training tools, Onsite media house training

Strategic policy & programming

We advocate for policies, laws and practices for better health :- NutritionTobacco control Maternal and child health .

Exchange, sharing & learning

We promote stakeholder engagement through interactive and experiential platforms i.e Media excursions, Community and project visits, Media health campaign

Networking, partnerships & coalition

We build and support alliances that inform and influence health and development.

UHCA’s main objectives are

To train, empower and support journalists and public information specialists who disseminate health information. It is legally registered as a national non-profit organization with national and regional activities.

Our programs

Tobacco Control

Tobacco use causes more than 7million preventable deaths annually. More than 890,000 die due to secondhand smoking (WHO 2018). Additionally, it is a leading risk factor for NCD, causes 71% of lung cancer


In Uganda, 33% of children under age five years and 54% of the working population is estimated to be stunted. Some of the common malnutrition issues include; overweight and obesity, wasting in children, anemia among others.

Research Dissemination

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