The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) Bill was passed by parliament in April 2021. This bill will help Ugandans in both formal and informal sectors achieve some basic Universal Health Coverage with reduced medical costs.

In this Luganda show, the UHCA Coordinator Baguma Richard was hosted on Salt TV Uganda on 6th April 20201 to discuss it. Three things to note from his discussion:

1. He is grateful to the Parliament of Uganda for passing the law which has been in the making for nearly two decades. This will help in contributing to improving the health of Ugandans 
2. He appealed to the President of Uganda H.E Kaguta Yoweri Museveni to ascent to the law when it comes to his desk. 
3. He also expressed his grave concern at the attempts to withdraw the bill by the State Minister for Health Ms.Nabanja Robinah even when it had been passed by the cabinet in 2019. 

Original Video can be found on Salt TV Facebook via this link
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