UAPA call for a total ban on alcohol until a solution to Covid19 is found – UGANDA HEALTH COMMUNICATION ALLIANCE

By Kabuye Ronald

Civil Society organizations and addiction treatment rehabilitation centers have called for the total ban of alcohol production and use during this period of Covid 19 pandemic.

Speaking to journalists on a webinar, under the topic Alcohol and COVID 19, way forward on speedy recovery from Covid 19 in Uganda, Dr. David Kalema the chairperson Uganda Alcohol Policy Alliance (UAPA) asserted that alcohol weakens the immune system most in addition to be being the fastest tool of spreading Covid 19 pandemic.

He believes a total ban of alcohol will resolve the matter of people using back doors to get into bars, drink from merchandise shops and convening at home and drink in groups which makes the lives of many vulnerable.

Dr. Kalema said that well aware that alcohol greatly weakens the immune system of the body its important that government picks a leaf from countries like south Africa and Kenya to ban its production, distribution, advertisement  and consumption in  this period until a permanent solution is got just as it is for the case with closing of schools and churches.

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