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Nutrition has a critical role to play in the health, social and economic growth and development of a country whereas malnutrition is a national and universal issue that has held back development contributing to devastating human suffering. With the variety of food per region, Uganda has the potential to produce enough food for its growing population. The inability to access recommendable amounts of food has increased in all regions because of poverty, diseases, seasonality of food, income/wealth inequality among others.

In Uganda, 33% of children under age five years and 54% of the working population is estimated to be stunted. Some of the common malnutrition issues include; overweight and obesity, wasting in children, anemia among others.

On the international scene, the United Nations Decade of Action on Nutrition 2016 – 2025 was proclaimed to address malnutrition. Uganda’s Nutrition Advocacy and Communication Strategy (2014-2016) compiled four to address malnutrition; Protecting the first 1,000 days, Promoting healthy Ugandan diets, Promoting positive role models and Accountability.

As part of the private sector and media, Uganda Health Communication Alliance has played and continues to contribute to the nutrition aspects of the nation. UHCA through its fellowship of media highlights the problems of malnutrition and advocates for action from joint stakeholder participation. The media is important in reporting best practices of nutrition.

UHCA is part of different national and global nutrition alliances. These include; Civil Society Alliance for Nutrition (CISANU), The SUN Movement and the Uganda Parliamentary Nutrition Forum among others.

UHCA conducts;

  • Media fellowships and training for media houses
  • Public awareness creation through talk shows
  • Capacity building for nutrition campaigns
  • CSOs training on nutrition.