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Tobacco Control Campaign

Parliament journalists initiated on Tobacco Control Bill

Journalists under the umbrella of the Uganda Parliamentary Press Association were given a firsthand tour of the Tobacco Control Bill 2014, by the initiator of the Bill, Hon Dr Chris Baryomunsi. This was at a half day media dialogue organized by Uganda Health Communication Alliance.

MPs table tobacco control bill in Ugandan parliament

MPs have started scrutinizing the Uganda Tobacco Control Bill 2014 yet another move to promote and protect the right to health and life as a fundamental human right.

The Bill which aims at regulating tobacco manufacture, sponsorships and protecting children from consuming cigarettes and tobacco products was tabled before parliament for the first reading on Friday

“No more tobacco products”: CVS Caremark drug stores

Big sellers of tobacco products in USA, CVS Caremark annouced that the company will end its sale of tobacco products.

The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids (CTFK) acclaimed the courageous and historical move made by CVS Caremark. The company has over 7,600 stores around USA.
Matthew L. Myers, President Campaign Free Kids, said that the company reached the decission after recognising that their products are leading causes of preventable death, the company found it idea to work towards improving the health of its customers.

Tobacco activists in a walk campaign for improved legislation

Tobacco activist in Uganda have vowed to have the Tobacco Control Bill passed into law before the end of this year.

Activists who  met to renew their campaign to push the law through parliament cited tobacco interference as the main impediment  to the passgae of the law.

The billl moved by Kinkizi East MP, Dr. Chris Baryomunsi is meant “to protect present and future generations from the devastating health, social, economic and environmetal consequences of tobacco use and exposure to tobacco smoke.” 

Journalists interviewing one of the tobacco farmers in Kanungu district

Kanungu is one of the districts known for growing tobacco,  UHCA with partnering journalists from 10 media houses visited the south western part of Uganda for a media excursion on tobacco growing in the region. 

Tobacco activists in a walk campaign for improved legislation

"I haven’t heard about the so called tobacco control bill 2012 but what I know is that tobacco growers in Rukungiri are below the poverty line when it comes to household poverty." These are the words of one of the councilors in Rukungiri municipal council.

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