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Tobacco Control Campaign

Tobacco activists in a walk campaign for improved legislation

Tobacco activist in Uganda have vowed to have the Tobacco Control Bill passed into law before the end of this year.

Activists who  met to renew their campaign to push the law through parliament cited tobacco interference as the main impediment  to the passgae of the law.

The billl moved by Kinkizi East MP, Dr. Chris Baryomunsi is meant “to protect present and future generations from the devastating health, social, economic and environmetal consequences of tobacco use and exposure to tobacco smoke.” 

Journalists interviewing one of the tobacco farmers in Kanungu district

Kanungu is one of the districts known for growing tobacco,  UHCA with partnering journalists from 10 media houses visited the south western part of Uganda for a media excursion on tobacco growing in the region. 

Tobacco activists in a walk campaign for improved legislation

"I haven’t heard about the so called tobacco control bill 2012 but what I know is that tobacco growers in Rukungiri are below the poverty line when it comes to household poverty." These are the words of one of the councilors in Rukungiri municipal council.

World No Tobacco Day Dialogue held

UHCA organised a media dialogue under the theme “Ban Tobacco Advertising Promotion and Sponsorship (TAPS)”, in conjunction with Ministry of Health, as one of the activities for the World No Tobacco Day. The event took place at Kati Kati Restaurant, Kampala, attracting over thirty journalists from various media houses around Kampala.


Born and raised in the tobacco-growing district of Arua, Emmanuel Ojapi learnt how to smoke at 17. Now 38, Ojapi smokes between 26 and 30 sticks of locally-woven tobacco daily – which is probably why his teeth are steadily changing colour from white to deep yellow. When he smiles, the change is evident with the teeth of his lower jaw. Ojapi has easy access to tobacco because he works on tobacco farms for a living.

West Nile tobacco growers cry out

UHCA lead a team of 9 journalists from various media houses in Kampala to Maracha district, with the sole aim of getting to hear views from tobacco growers, other dwellers and the local leaderships.  They headed deep into the outskirts of the region; visited farmers in their gardens and people in their homes to interview them about tobacco related issues.

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