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Tobacco Control Campaign

Uganda passes Tobacco Control Act 2015

On 25th September 2015, Tobacco Control partners held a press conference to affirm the passing of the Tobacco Control Act and to thank the

Tobacco Control Wall of Fame launched

Mobile Solutions for Social Change  together with coalition members of the tobacco control unveiled the Tobacco Control Bill Wall of Fame recently.

The Wall of Fame ( is an on-line platform where prominent and influential people such as music artists, members of parliament, government

Tobacco processing-plant buys coffins for its victims in Uganda

Its been over a decade residents of kireka town fighting for the relocation of the tobacco factory but in vain.
The supermatch tobacco processing plant is situated just in the heart of the residential area that also doubles as a business center for people who leave there and surrounding areas. The industry had given a deaf ear and shown a blind eye to all the harm and lives its products and processes have done in the area and continues to use their money and influence to suppress the locals that  keep trying to come up and oppose their presence in the area.

Members of Parliament in Uganda support Tobacco Control Bill

Early this month the Parliamentary Forum on Non-Communicable Diseases (PFNCD) convened to discuss the need to pass the Tobacco Control Bill. The Bill that was tabled in parliament early this years is still pending because of tobacco industry interference. 

Latest research (GATs 2014, GATs 2011), has unveiled that tobacco use is reducing among adults (7.9%) but on the raise among the youth (17%). Members of Parliament specifically those on the PFNCD, were unhappy with the news and agreed to double their effort in curbing the situation. “This is tragic, fellow MPs we have to do something about this, because if we don’t then we may not have future leaders,” one of the members on the committee lamented. 

British American Tobacco campaign restricts tobacco law

Uganda is out of step with other East African countries such as Tanzania and Kenya which have enacted tobacco control law.

Any avid reader of the print media in the past few months will have noticed a sustained campaign against the proposed Tobacco Control Bill 2011, perpetrated by the Ugandan tobacco industry.

The Uganda Tobacco Control Bill 2011 was initially presented before parliament in December 2011 as a private members bill by Dr Chris Baryomunsi. Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah referred the bill back for re-drafting.

Baguma Tinkasimire Richard being interviewed by journalists during the event

Tobacco control advocates in Uganda organized a public campaign to sensitize people on false and deceitful information used by the tobacco industry to convince and interfere
with the ongoing legislation (Tobacco Control Bill ) in the country.

Uganda health communication Alliance, Text-To-Change and Uganda National Health Consumers’ Organisation (UNHCO) partnered to stage the campaign as a National Day of Action for the Tobacco Control Bill.

The mass sensitization focused on giving factual information about the damages of tobacco use but also, shunning the irresponsible behavior and action by the tobacco industry in the public eye.

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