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Ebola experts call for center of excellence on hemorrhagic fever management  in Uganda

Ebola experts have called for the initiation of center of excellence on hemorrhagic fevers management in Uganda.

The run themed “Ebola Solidarity Run” was organized by Uganda National Association of Community and Occupational Health (UNACOH), African Center for global Health and Social Transformation (ACHEST), World Health Organisation (WHO), Makerere College of Health Science (MakCHS), Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA), Parliamentarians, Ministry of Health and others. 

Coalition advocates for improved access of life saving commodities

16 women die every day due to maternal related complications in In Uganda. Additionally more than 200,000 children under the age of 5 years fall victims to  preventable diseases such as malaria diarrhea pneumonia etc 

In response the Reproductive Maternal & New Child Health (RMNCH) coalition in Uganda are working tooth and nail to create awareness and demand the government to increase  budgetary allocation life saving commodities so that innocent and vulnerable lives can be saved.  

Ebola fight is not anywhere near over

The fight on Ebola is not anywhere near over

The Ebola virus has claimed more than 3,800 lives in West Africa where is broke lose two months ago. It’s very contagious disease and spreads very fast by touch on an infectious person.

The Ebola disease is not anywhere near containment and continues to spread and consume more lives.. The AIDS virus is top-est of disease that have consumed many lives but the disease is fear to be the new AIDS if not curbed down quickly. 

e-cigarette, its charger and the liquid tobacco that is used in it

The World Health Organisation (WHO) suggests a ban on indoor electric cigarettes (e-cigarette) use and prohibits sell to children.

In a report WHO disclaims e-cigarettes being harmless as the rumors have it until when concrete evidence is produced saying otherwise. 

WHO experts warn that the products might pose a threat to children especially to those below 18 years and the unborn in pregnant women.

Uganda on alert following Ebola out-break in West Africa

In response to the current out break of Ebola in West African countries; Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Nigeria, Uganda has taken extra measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic from crossing into its borders.

Having  fallen prey to the epidemic more than three times that is,the last time she was hit  being August 2012. The government collaborating with the America’s Center for Disease Control (CDC)  established Ebola Units to always be on alert to hand such cases.

Rosemary Namubiru (in blue) in court. Image source: Google

Rosemary namubiru received a 3 year  jail sentence for negligence. The HIV+ nurse was charged with having negligently used an intravenous needle, the needle she had accidentally piecered herself with and used it on a 2 year old baby, the court ruled.

The baby survived being infected with the virus because the doctors acted fast and administered the Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) treatment. 

According to news sources, Daniel Mushabe (father of the baby) who welcomed the judgment said he hopes that the president would use the scandal as reason to sign the bill criminalizing those found to transmit HIV knowingly.

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